Welcome to CTN!!

The main purpose of this server is to bring gamers together, so you don’t have to worry about not having a buddy or body’s… I mean buddies to game with. we also provide this server with a lot of extra fun stuff like:


Our Economy’s purpose is for you to have a chance of earning some coins and play some games with them in the ╠casino like Black Jack, Slot Machine and more. Or maybe spend it on some items you can find in the $store, which will give you access to more channels and more authority, like to kill someone… I mean to change your nickname.

When this server grows it will also be possible to buy items from the store thet will give you prizes like a DLC for some game, ingame credits/money or instant facial hair growth. Isn’t that amazing!?

You can go to ╠economy-faq and ╠casino-faq to see how it works.

Reaction Role

You should check out ╠reaction-role select the games you play, when you have done that you will get access to the game categories you selected so you can chat with other gamers or talk with them in the voice channels.

There will also be a lot more options you can choose but you will have to take a look yourself.

Rules and Support


You should also check out the rules in ╠rules before you go and have fun in all channels and get banned right away because you didn’t read the rules, which would be unfortunate …


We have a whole category dedicated to support. If you have any questions you can go to ╠questions.

If you want to report any Abuse you can say -ticket open (reason-here), once you have done that, a channel will be created just for you and the @Admins. You can explain to them the issue in peace.

Extra Information

There are a lot of categories with a lot of channels in them which can be overwhelming, so if it bothers you, deal with it!! No just kidding. You can do 2 things about it.

  1. Close the categories you don’t need at the moment, you can do that by clicking on ═══════▶[Category Name]◀══════
  2. Go to the channel ╠reaction-role and look for the reaction role thet hides some channels from you that you don’t really need.

I hope you have a lot of fun on this server! And remember kids, stay in drugs and don’t do school.

Click [here] for the invite link